About Us

Who We Are, and Where Premier Hosting Company, Inc. has operated as a provider of consistent, reliable and flexible web hosting services to clients across the globe since 1995. Located in Appleton Wisconsin, we have grown from a provider of traditional shared and colocation web hosting services to a leader in vps, cloud and custom-built web solutions that range from small and simple to small and complex to extremely large and complex. Building Structure and Floor Plan Concrete structure for stability and security 9,000 square feet of expansion available Industry-standard hard floors and overhead cabling FM200 Dry Fire Suppression Surpasses local area building codes No public access; employee and supervised service access only Electrical Commercial power routed underground to dedicated transformers Diesel generator with ~96 hour runtime between refueling at maximum load (incl air handling units) Overhead power sources, full structure grounding and fault isolation Environment Liebert 10 and 30-ton air handling units 12′ ceilings keeps hot air well above servers Air temperature maintained at 66F (+/- 4F) No basement, structure is graded above roadway and storm drains Network Carrier neutral facility with both aerial and buried fiber Capacity to Time Warner (Gb) and AT&T (Gb) – your website is closer to the end user for greater end user experience Juniper MX-Series routers/switches for reliable, wire-speed traffic management and performance Proactive monitoring immediately alerts technicians of failures 24 x 7 Additional dark fiber from AT&T and Time Warner in place